When you need answers from the Internet (not just links), use DEVONagent, and let it make sense out of the results provided by popular search engines .

Using advanced search techniques, DEVONagent takes on all those tedious search-and-review tasks releasing you to focus valuable time on relevant results.

What DEVONagent Does for You? Using both standard and specialized search engines, DEVONagent intelligently summarizes the results fast! Alternatively, it shows you an even larger number of search results using its unique graphical topic map. DEVONagent archives your search results with a single click or sends them to e.g. your DEVONthink database. Instead of letting you repeat actions, DEVONagent performs them for you. Combine search sets, schedule searches, etc. to create your very own personalized search assistant.

Perfect Integration: DEVONagent integrates seamlessly with DEVONthink. With just one click, archive your search results, web pages, etc. to your DEVONthink database. Select text in any application and use DEVONagent’s contextual menu item to search for it. The Dashboard widget keeps DEVONagent at your fingertips. Use various actions including Growl and AppleScript to inform you of search results then send them to either DEVONthink or the app of your choice to process them in any way you wish.


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